The Hubbell Bubble

As Fred Hubbell panders to voters outside his wealthy social circles in Des Moines, it has become increasingly clear that Fred Hubbell has been living in his own bubble. If we are going to have a Governor who will work for all Iowans, that person should understand their values, their background, and their stories.

Fred Hubbell does not share our values:

  • In November, Fred Hubbell shared a stage with Hollywood Actor Alec Baldwin, who is well known for attacking journalists and disparaging people from rural communities on Saturday Night Live. Fred Hubbell is choosing to stand with a Hollywood actor over the people of Iowa. There's something wrong with that.
  • The Des Moines Register reported that Hubbell’s wealth has become “essential” to his campaign pitch.
  • Even Hubbell’s own Party has criticized his "silver-spoon upbringing."
  • Fred Hubbell's campaign is even getting in the way of his time on the board of directors of the exclusive Wakonda Country Club in Des Moines.
Add your name to the list of Iowans who want a real leader sitting in the old Hubbell family mansion, not someone who lives in his own Hubbell Bubble.